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At Collins Seafoods, we are industry leaders in providing the finest Frozen at Sea Fish. One of the key elements that makes our business successful is the knowledge and experience of our sales team, and today we are going to focus the spotlight on our sales and general manager Toni Pagnanelli.

Since joining us in March 2022, Toni’s expertise in the fish industry has been an asset to our operation. Before starting his job at Collins, he worked predominantly in the fresh fish sector for 26 years, and his experience has enhanced our knowledge of the general working practices in the seafood business.

Having now experienced the Frozen at Sea industry, we asked Toni how working in this sector differs from dealing with fresh fish, and he said:

“Both industries face different challenges – fresh fish can be around a week old before it gets to your local fish and chip shop, whereas Frozen at Sea fish is caught, filleted, processed and frozen within around six hours, giving the fish its amazing taste. Fresh fish vessels also suffer if there is adverse weather, which can severely impact availability. With Frozen at Sea fish, availability is rarely an issue.”

We were curious about Toni’s opinion of the products, so we asked him what he thinks of Frozen at Sea products compared to fresh fish…

“In my opinion, Frozen at Sea fish is a far better product. I find the fillets firmer in texture and longer lasting than fresh fish. In addition, with new onboard technology, such as computerised grading, our customers tell us that Frozen at Sea fish is a far more consistent product than fresh fish. And because availability is far better with Frozen at Sea, prices are not as volatile.”

Toni’s experience has strengthened our belief that Frozen at Sea fish is higher quality and more nutritious than fresh fish and has given us a new perspective of the industry.

But what are your thoughts? We want to hear from you – tweet us and let us know if you share our love of Frozen at Sea fish!

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